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E-learning is an inclusive term that describes educational technology that electronically or technologically supports learning and teaching. Bernard Luskin, a pioneer of e-learning, advocates that the "e" should be interpreted to mean "exciting, energetic, enthusiastic, emotional, extended, excellent, and educational" in addition to "electronic." This broad interpretation focuses on new applications and developments, and also brings learning and media psychology into consideration.

The Ministry of Education and Training recommends you to visit the websites below to support the learning of your children. Those websites are provided for free for all the Vodafone users in Vanuatu.

+ notesmaster.com
+ elearn.usp.ac.fj
+ samlectures.usp.ac.fj
+ vanlectures.usp.ac.fj
+ vrepo.usp.ac.fj
+ bbb.usp.ac.fj
+ eportfolio.usp.ac.fj
+ edt.etudessupvan.edu.vu:10443/moodle
+ etudessupvan.edu.vu
+ www.pvisvanuatu.org
+ seesaw.me
+ www.educationperfect.com
+ support.google.com/a/answer/9012184?hl=en
+ learnenglishteens.britishcouncil.org
+ learnenglishkids.britishcouncil.org
+ www.natgeokids.com
+ malapoacollege.edu.vu
+ centralschool.edu.vu
+ www.box.com
+ www.digitallibrary.io
+ www.feedthemonsterapp.com
+ www.antura.org
+ bloomlibrary.org
+ shop.ekitabu.com
+ www.ekitabu.com
+ www.bookshare.org
+ kitkitschool.com
+ deafworldaroundyou.org
+ kukua.me/sema
+ stories.audible.com
+ www.wikipedia.org
+ www.khanacademy.org

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