Technology in the Classroom

Universal Access Program

Universal Access

Universal access refers to a Universal Access Policy (UAP) that the Minister responsible for telecommunications must develop for improving access to telecommunications service for locations which are not or not adequately served by existing services. This UAP was developed and passed by the Council of Ministers on 4 November 2013.

You can read more on these programs, and they can be viewed/downloaded via the links below:

TRR (Telecomunications & Radiocommunications Regulator) Universal Access Page

A new dawn in Education (ICT enabler)

Using Multimedia in the Classroom

The materials used in this Guide have been taken from different sources including Internet resources. They should be used purely for the purposes of teacher development and empowerment, and not for any commercial purposes. The Guide should be used only for developing and implementing teacher education activities in Samoa. It can be downloaded below:

Using Multimedia in the Classroom (Ministry of Education, Sports & Culture, Government of Samoa)

Using Multimedia in the Classroom